When it comes to putting the fun into music, there’s no one quite like Mister Frisbee and Professor Elemental. After all, you’re looking at the chaps who have racked up millions of views with rap songs about cups of tea and acclaimed mash ups of some of the greatest Hip Hop ever. The chap who made Ice Cube swing, along with the fellow who invited the world to look at his fighting trousers have played thousands of shows all over the globe to great acclaim. There’s no doubt that these two know a thing or two about having a giggle with Hip Hop. 

So it’s no surprise that the new, 11 track album ‘Let’s Get Messy’ is a glorious food fight for your ears. Covering everything from custard pies to cat’s pyjamas, each track has a unique sound and concept. Taking it’s lead from the Golden Era of Hip Hop, but influenced by Electroswing, funk and psychedelica, it’s a musical fairground and everyone is invited. 

The first single is Let’s Get Messy, a jungle infused banger which has already had thousands of fans going crazy at live shows last year. From Boomtown to Glastonbury, it’s the perfect festival tune. (Although perhaps the less said about the recent ball pit riot that broke out when it was played at a Professor Elemental earlier gig this year, the better.)

A perfect antidote to these troubled times, this is an album designed to make people feel good about themselves, enjoy a brief distraction and dance around the living room like fools. 

So, undo your tie, grab yourself a pie and get ready for the most joyful music release of the year.

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